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川内川あらしプロモーションビデオ 英語版


【Sendaigawa arashi】

Sendaigawa river flows across Satsuma Sendai-shi, Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu. It's the second largest class A river that runs 137km with approx. 1600 square kilometers of catchment area.

It has been, and continues to be, essential for people's lives. The river has brought abundant water, fish and aquatic resources for the residents dating back to the Edo period.There have been times when the flow has caused flood disasters showing the wild side of nature. On cold clear mornings, strong wind brings fog around the river mouth. Because the wind brings cold air, it forms large-scale Kearashi (evaporation fog) around the area. This phenomena is called Sendaigawa arashi.

'Sendaigawa arashi' is a rare natural phenomenon triggered by an unique geographical feature under specific weather conditions. It overwhelms people who encountered that.

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